What is CYPT COIN? Read exactly what it is on the ALT COIN wiki

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What is CYPT COIN? CryptoLOOT Coin is a coin for cryptocurrency miners. Using Our mining system, users can earn free coin direct to their ethereum wallet. Try mining for free today at http://www.Cyptcoin.com. As of February of 2018 CYPT COIN had a total market valuation of $27000.00+. Exchange CYPT COIN for other tokens like OmiseGo (OMG COIN) and more. The future of Cryptocurrencies has arrived, collect a token with value, collect a token with purpose, collect CYPT COIN. Visit us on the website for compatible wallets, current rates, and white paper.

CYPT COIN was invented by media mogul and entrepreneur Jeremy D Higgs at the end of 2017, during the major bitcoin boom of 2017. The 30 year old began the encoding process and network congestion caused a delay in the initial coin release process and the CYPT COIN finally released after most of the popular culture inflations for cryptocurrencies had calmed down. This initial hiccup during release is said to have lost hundreds of thousands in those crucial few weeks for the total worth of CYPT COIN.

Although shortcomings seemed to be the theme for CryptoLOOT coin in its early future, the coin now rests at a modest $27000.00+ total market cap at the writing of this publication on 2/12/18. Furthermore, CYPT COIN finally received placement on an exchange platform and can begin trading large volumes per day, which is projected to skyrocket in price. Read more about this by accessing http://www.CyptCoin.com and clicking explore.

An underdog to say the least, CYPT COIN has been getting some bad press on accident. Some crypto users have been confusing CryptoLOOT Coin with Crypto-Loot malware that can maliciously use your computers resources to mine for cryptocurrency. Cypt Coin has some similarities in theory however, CYPT COIN’s services use Coinhive to help mine monero and in return we payout CYPT COIN. We do not use Crypto-Loot software and are not affiliated with the virus.

CYPT COIN was founded in Chicago, IL and is held by many users worldwide. Millions of CYPT COIN are circulating right now. You can trace users with CYPT COIN via EtherScan.io to the Philippines, Germany, Australia, Canada, United States, Lithuania, Malaysia, France, Belgium, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, India, Chile, Mozambique, Nigeria, and more!

Photo Gallery Opens For CYPT Coin

Users and fans of CYPT COIN can now visit http://www.CyptCoin.com and click gallery for a list of high resolution images that are official image releases from CYPT COIN. View the direct link here https://cyptcoin.wordpress.com/gallery/ or simply navigate to http://www.CyptCoin.com and click gallery in the top right menu area.

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Images depicting the use of CYPT COIN and in the in browser mining utility can be viewed in the gallery. If you would like to add CYPT COIN photos or fan images please click contact us in the menu above.

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In browser mining is simple and can be done via any network enabled device. The faster the computer or device you have the quicker you can claim and earn coin.


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Cryptocurrencies are give and take, but with CYPT COIN you take more than you give, dont believe me? Try in browser mining yourself. I bet it is easier than you thought.

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CryptoLOOT.us featured in bitcoin publication

CryptoLOOT.us the mining website and CYPT COIN the revolutionary mining cryptocurrency token has been getting a ton of buzz lately, and part of it is due to the mass talk about the coin.

From Twitter posts about the website value at $10k plus to a new article from https://btcn.it/What-is-CYPT-COIN, CYPT COIN is sweeping the CryptoLOOT market by storm. 

Talks of the CYPT COIN entering market trading sites really ups the marketability of a token. CYPT COIN has definitely proved to be a contender for the 2018 tokens to watch out for.

Buy CYPT COIN direct to wallet, 25% coupon

Now for a limited time you could buy CYPT COIN for direct wallet transfer from http://cryptoloot.us/BUY-CYPT-COIN/. Get an extra 25% added to any purchase amount when you use coupon code : SAVE25 at checkout. 

A ton of people stand behind CYPT COIN and what it stands for, be part of the mining revolution and get CYPT coin now. 

If you buy even 1 of the first ever sold CYPT coins , until 100000, then you will forever be noted as a founding member. Be part of the future. Read more about CYPT coin and what it stands for at CYPTCOIN.cf.

CYPT COIN (CryptoLOOT Coin) ERC20 Ethereum blockchain coin

CYPT COIN (CryptoLOOT Coin) is an ERC20 Ethereum blockchain coin. Released in 2018 and backed by the crypto currency ethereum, CYPT COIN is a major contender in the new ERC20 Coin game.


CYPT COIN is available for pre-sale now, users can pre buy CYPT COIN at http://www.CryptoLOOT.us and can look forward to trading for it anywhere on an ether wallet. CYPT COIN full API and programming utility approved and ready to roll out. Users receive a payout for auto browser mining on the websites special web utility.

Currently site users are paid out in DOGE COIN however the future of CYPT COIN is closer than ever before. CYPT COIN will be a way for miners and crypto fans to get involved directly with the coin.