Cryptoloot Token: Get Paid For Your Data

Are you mining with us? Using any browser and any network connected device you can earn money for your data.

Easy steps

1.Visit the website

2. Create a free digital wallet like the imtoken app

3. Click in browser mining

4. Collect free coin

Thats it

Seriously try it. No banking info or personal info needed. No long verification process. Get started now.


Get paid for your DATA

Let me ask you a question, are you getting paid for your data? An all new CYPT COIN APP is on the way! Yeah, the cypt coin pocket miner app was efficient and was downloaded hundreds of times, but many reported the pocket miner app mimicked the website a little too heavily.

The new app will feature a straight up simple way for users can get paid for their data. Anyone could access the app and watch a simple video or complete an easy task and get rewarded. That’s it, simple, and easy to use.

The app is currently in development and should be released soon. No official release date has been set.

The app will be simply formatted and streamlined to earn the most for your data.

Pretty soon you can put your phone to work for you, the future is here, the future is CYPT COIN.

CYPT COIN added to ForkDelta Exchange market

This has really been a good week for CYPT COIN (CryptoLOOT Coin). We shared the news just hours ago about the amazing news of CYPT COIN being added to an exchange platform. Now after that news we have been listed on the ForkDelta Exchange Market.

forkdelta exchange uses metamask, one of the approved CYPT COIN wallets. With this recent addition we are shooting for CYPT COIN TO THE MOON! This amazing week has written the future for Cryptoloot coin and the mining utility system. Gaining traction from new investors with this recent news has really hit us by surprise. With only a few spots left, it is still possible to be listed as an official founding member. Founding members are permanent and will go down in the history of CYPT COIN with their title and chosen name.