The miner is currently offline. CYPT hits $1 in a fluke

We regret to inform you that the miner is offline. For the last few months CYPT COIN mining has reached an all time low. With the current gas prices in ether, the free mine is on the verge of extinction. Users may notice that direct mine site url is currently down. However is still up but all mining platform transactions and payments have been halted at this time. We encourage those interested to donate cryptocurrencies of any type in the effort to open the free mine again as soon as possible. A post coming up in the future will contain more details as well as donation links for multiple currency types.

The value of CYPT COIN is now at an all time high. Without the ability to gain CYPT COIN via the free mining platform at this time, CYPT is now $1.00 per token. CYPT is available to the public for that same market value price. You can get CYPT COIN direct to your Ethereum wallet, that information will be coming up in the following post.

This is both an exciting time but also a trying time where we need all the support we can to keep CYPT COIN active.

The mobile app is also restricted and will not allow mining access at this time.

A new application is coming soon that may replace the mining system but funding meetings have halted the progress at this time.

Please continue to show your support on social media and here at


Cryptoloot Token: Get Paid For Your Data

Are you mining with us? Using any browser and any network connected device you can earn money for your data.

Easy steps

1.Visit the website

2. Create a free digital wallet like the imtoken app

3. Click in browser mining

4. Collect free coin

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Rate CYPT COIN on cryptocurrency talk website

With the increase of people viewing and searching CYPT coin more and more every day, it’s no big surprise we find CYPT making an appearance on crypto websites.

cypt coin an ethereum blockchain token
cypt coin an ethereum blockchain token

Users of CYPT can now visit and rate CryptoLOOT coin publicly.


Thank you for being part of the CYPT coin revolution! Please rate us and let the community know what we are about.

CYPT COIN cryptoloot cryptocurrency logo
CYPT COIN cryptoloot cryptocurrency logo

As more crypto fans find out about this amazing token and more people read about it online, the demand and value for CYPT should increase. Users can visit and mine using and network connected device.

CYPT COIN will hit Exchange market, price projected to Skyrocket

After tons of rejections from Cryptocurrency Exchanges since CYPT COIN’s inception, CYPT COIN has finally been listed on an Exchange platform! Now token holders of CYPT COIN can trade for other coins and tokens. This is such a huge accomplishment for the future of the CryptoLOOT coin that we can not contain our excitement!

trade token cypt coin

If you have not started collecting CYPT COIN, the time to begin is now. With a market valuation coming in this week at a current rate of above $27,000.00 USD, the future for CYPT COIN is looking up. Trade alongside of the million dollar priced tokens now easier than ever. is the trading platform currently trading CYPT COIN.

trade token cypt coin 3

You can trade with popular ERC20 tokens like AirToken, Kin, Enigma, and more. CryptoLOOT Coin is making waves in 2018. Trades will begin soon, and full use of the trading platform integration for CYPT COIN will be active by 3/1/2018.

trade token cypt coin 2

0X protocol trading platform uses MetaMask ether wallet integration. MetaMask is one of the approved wallet types for CYPT COIN so trading will be simple. Keep checking back for more news coming soon! This is an exciting time! Thank you all so much for making this possible, We can not thank you all enough!

You can instantly generate a trade for OmiseGO and other powerhouse ERC20 tokens. Above is a screenshot of an open trade from CYPT COIN to OmiseGO token. Complete your own trade today. Thank you for choosing CryptoLOOT coin.




Since it’s initial rollout, CYPT COIN has gone from a coin of negative value (meaning it costed more to transfer it in ether than the token was worth) to aggressively leveling off this month with a coin market cap valuation of $27,461 .62 USD as of 2/11/2018.


With the power of the Ethereum Blockchain, we can only predict a further rise in the token’s value. Other ERC-20 tokens are worth millions, so in comparison the CYPT COIN is on  an entirely separate bracket, but still a noteworthy token to keep an eye on in the near future.

You can publicly view any ERC-20 Ether TOKEN on Click tokens and type in the name of the token you are searching for. For example; “CYPT COIN”, or ” CryptoLOOT Coin”.

The morning of CYPT COIN release and the site shuts down unexpectedly

We have had a surge of visitors and those wanting to Buy CYPT COIN and become founding members. We are grateful for this and because of the heavy traffic our site server is having technical difficulties, the site is down during parts of the day for maintenance and upgrades. Please keep checking back for your chance to buy this amazing ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain Token.

We have spoken with the network team in the netherlands who told us the site will be undergoing maintenance on and off during a part of today 1/17/18.


We know this is a major issue for those trying to buy CYPT COIN today, you will have a chance to be a part of it, please keep, checking back.

The mine utility is also down until normal operations can resume.

You can email u at


CYPT COIN CryptoLOOT COIN  (cryp·to·lo͞ot· \ krip-ˈto-lo͞ot.) presale ends tonight

That’s right. The pre sale for the CYPT COIN is over tonight. The token goes live tomorrow and will begin trading.

CryptoLOOT COIN  (cryp·to·lo͞ot· \ krip-ˈto-lo͞ot.)
This coin was originally developed for in browser miners to receive rewards quicker and more efficiently. CYPT COIN is the future of mining payouts with ease. Trade tokens for cash or other altcoins as you choose. Get in on these coins while the intro price is low. CYPT COIN is an erc20 ethereum token on the block chain. Initial value as low as $0.09 USD.
If you think you might be obtaining some of this coin soon this is what you need to know. CYPT COIN is based on ethereum, so you will need an ether wallet with token support. Users can download a free ether wallet at 
Projected values for this coin is going up. After it is released you can expect a massive rise in value.

Get started now, head to