CYPT COIN trades now available on DUBIex Exchange platform for erc20’s

CYPT COIN trades now available on DUBIex Exchange platform for erc20’s. The site listed The first 1000 CYPT COIN available for trade to ETH, OmiseGO, Salt and more tokens under the address viewable here and here or

With complications and confusion caused by most exchange platforms, CYPT COIN hopes to find a new home at You can access the exchange platform now, click on the link to navigate there

dubiex exchange cypt coin.png

The first Exchange of CYPT COIN initiates with OmiseGO on the ether network

trade token cypt coin 3

The first exchange initiated and can be seen recorded live at the following link CYPT COIN is on the move, being exchanged with OMG Token is a huge accomplishment for CYPT COIN’s future. Another exchange populated showed CYPT being set up to exchange for 0x Protocol token.

Seeing live transactions populate on the Ether network hints towards a very bright future for cypt coin and CYPT collectors worldwide.


Website down for maintenance, mining paused

The website is undergoing maintenance and is currently down. We expect to have it back online as soon as possible. Thank you for using CYPT COIN.


You can still read about CYPT COIN and learn about cryptocurrency by scrolling down to the bottom of


Thank you and check back for notification of CYPT COIN going back online. cypt coin an ethereum blockchain token.png

First CYPT COIN Millionaire: Timothy Jackson & Monkey Business Supply Co

CYPT COIN has yet again made history today. The first non-staff CYPT millionaire has been named. Hailing from Chicago IL, Timothy Jackson, CEO and creator of Monkey Business Supply CO, a Chicago street wear clothing company, is at the top of the list. The website for them is

monkey business supply co


The transaction is reportedly going to take a long time to process using the ethereum network but the coins have left the contract address account and are headed to their rightful owners.


Timothy Jackson was not immediately available for further comment but staff has reported that Mr Jackson was very excited to be a part of CYPT COIN and the mission that CYPT COIN stands for.

There is still time to get your hands on some of this revolutionary coin.

CryptoLOOT Coin (CYPT) featured on

CryptoLOOT Coin (CYPT COIN) continues to make traction as the excitement and speculation around the 2017 released token emerge. Although mention on CYPT COIN has been popping up on forums and media sites worldwide lately, has featured CYPT COIN and the White Paper video in the latest report.

cypt coin cryptoloot coin on cryptohearsay.png


CYPT COIN added to ForkDelta Exchange market

This has really been a good week for CYPT COIN (CryptoLOOT Coin). We shared the news just hours ago about the amazing news of CYPT COIN being added to an exchange platform. Now after that news we have been listed on the ForkDelta Exchange Market.

forkdelta exchange uses metamask, one of the approved CYPT COIN wallets. With this recent addition we are shooting for CYPT COIN TO THE MOON! This amazing week has written the future for Cryptoloot coin and the mining utility system. Gaining traction from new investors with this recent news has really hit us by surprise. With only a few spots left, it is still possible to be listed as an official founding member. Founding members are permanent and will go down in the history of CYPT COIN with their title and chosen name.