Hackers attack website following Live Chicago event success

CYPT COIN exploded today in the early hours of Apr 28th. Just one day following the live speech from the cryptocurrency creator Jeremy D Higgs, the website overloads and shuts down for several hours linking evidence to a possible small DDoS attack.


Watch the video featuring The Birch Tree Media Company CEO live from the stage of the 3rd Annual Blockchain Convention in Chicago.

The company celebrated success and establishment following the event and anticipate a bright future. Thank you to all those who came to support and attend the conference. Mine right now from any network connected device at www.cyptcoin.com.


The website and mining platform are back online and operational at the time of this posting. Security measures have been further increased and operations have resumed as normal. No data or personal information was compromised during this latest hacker attack.

BIT-MAG Magazine backs CYPT COIN; rates CYPT 83% faster to obtain than Bitcoin

In a recent exposure article featuring CryptoLOOT token (CYPT COIN) claims that BIT-MAG Magazine backs CYPT COIN stating that it rates CYPT 83% faster to obtain than Bitcoin. This comes as no shock to the CYPT COIN team, because they wanted to create a cryptocurrency that was easier to use and collect.

Taking the world by storm (1).png

CYPT COIN has recently started a crypto crusade to attract newcomers to the cryptocurrency field. Users can test the waters and get familiar with Crypto wallets and transactions simply by using the free mine reward system available for free at www.CYPTCOIN.com.

cypt coin photo shoot 2

CYPT is set to make a historical Airdrop giveaway to those attending the coin’s hometown, 3rd Annual Blockchain Convention in Chicago. Crypto creator and visionary Jeremy D Higgs was recently published in NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, C-SPAN, and more, where the article stated that the company is prepared to give away up to 500,000 CYPT COIN to interested event attendees. Read the original article in Digital Journal, click the link to read the complete article http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3714045. 

Quick Start Guide

It is now easier than ever to start collecting CYPT. Follow the instructions above to get started now. Following the steps can really make a difference for first time or novice users.

quick start guide cypt coin


We have released the CYPT COIN pocket miner APP. Download it free and claim 3 CYPT COIN faster than ever and unlimited. To access a direct download link visit http://mobincube.mobi/DWS5BC  or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

cypt coin pocket miner

Users have an exclusive chance to earn more CYPT even faster exclusively with the POCKET MINER APP a cryptocurrency cellphone app for mining CYPT COIN, an ethereum blockchain token.


Download it today and check back for exclusive offers only for APP users.


What is CYPT COIN? Read exactly what it is on the ALT COIN wiki

Read the original post here http://altcoin.wikia.com/wiki/CYPT_COIN_(CryptoLOOT_COIN)

What is CYPT COIN? CryptoLOOT Coin is a coin for cryptocurrency miners. Using Our mining system, users can earn free coin direct to their ethereum wallet. Try mining for free today at http://www.Cyptcoin.com. As of February of 2018 CYPT COIN had a total market valuation of $27000.00+. Exchange CYPT COIN for other tokens like OmiseGo (OMG COIN) and more. The future of Cryptocurrencies has arrived, collect a token with value, collect a token with purpose, collect CYPT COIN. Visit us on the website for compatible wallets, current rates, and white paper.

CYPT COIN was invented by media mogul and entrepreneur Jeremy D Higgs at the end of 2017, during the major bitcoin boom of 2017. The 30 year old began the encoding process and network congestion caused a delay in the initial coin release process and the CYPT COIN finally released after most of the popular culture inflations for cryptocurrencies had calmed down. This initial hiccup during release is said to have lost hundreds of thousands in those crucial few weeks for the total worth of CYPT COIN.

Although shortcomings seemed to be the theme for CryptoLOOT coin in its early future, the coin now rests at a modest $27000.00+ total market cap at the writing of this publication on 2/12/18. Furthermore, CYPT COIN finally received placement on an exchange platform and can begin trading large volumes per day, which is projected to skyrocket in price. Read more about this by accessing http://www.CyptCoin.com and clicking explore.

An underdog to say the least, CYPT COIN has been getting some bad press on accident. Some crypto users have been confusing CryptoLOOT Coin with Crypto-Loot malware that can maliciously use your computers resources to mine for cryptocurrency. Cypt Coin has some similarities in theory however, CYPT COIN’s services use Coinhive to help mine monero and in return we payout CYPT COIN. We do not use Crypto-Loot software and are not affiliated with the virus.

CYPT COIN was founded in Chicago, IL and is held by many users worldwide. Millions of CYPT COIN are circulating right now. You can trace users with CYPT COIN via EtherScan.io to the Philippines, Germany, Australia, Canada, United States, Lithuania, Malaysia, France, Belgium, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, India, Chile, Mozambique, Nigeria, and more!

Rate CYPT COIN on cryptocurrency talk website

With the increase of people viewing and searching CYPT coin more and more every day, it’s no big surprise we find CYPT making an appearance on crypto websites.

cypt coin an ethereum blockchain token
cypt coin an ethereum blockchain token

Users of CYPT can now visit https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/video/view/91786-cypt-coin-an-ethereum-blockchain-token-cryptoloot-coin-erc20-cryptocurrency/ and rate CryptoLOOT coin publicly.


Thank you for being part of the CYPT coin revolution! Please rate us and let the community know what we are about.

CYPT COIN cryptoloot cryptocurrency logo
CYPT COIN cryptoloot cryptocurrency logo

As more crypto fans find out about this amazing token and more people read about it online, the demand and value for CYPT should increase. Users can visit cyptcoin.com and mine using and network connected device.

CYPT COIN will hit Exchange market, price projected to Skyrocket

After tons of rejections from Cryptocurrency Exchanges since CYPT COIN’s inception, CYPT COIN has finally been listed on an Exchange platform! Now token holders of CYPT COIN can trade for other coins and tokens. This is such a huge accomplishment for the future of the CryptoLOOT coin that we can not contain our excitement!

trade token cypt coin

If you have not started collecting CYPT COIN, the time to begin is now. With a market valuation coming in this week at a current rate of above $27,000.00 USD, the future for CYPT COIN is looking up. Trade alongside of the million dollar priced tokens now easier than ever. http://www.0xproject.com is the trading platform currently trading CYPT COIN.

trade token cypt coin 3

You can trade with popular ERC20 tokens like AirToken, Kin, Enigma, and more. CryptoLOOT Coin is making waves in 2018. Trades will begin soon, and full use of the trading platform integration for CYPT COIN will be active by 3/1/2018.

trade token cypt coin 2

0X protocol trading platform uses MetaMask ether wallet integration. MetaMask is one of the approved wallet types for CYPT COIN so trading will be simple. Keep checking back for more news coming soon! This is an exciting time! Thank you all so much for making this possible, We can not thank you all enough!

You can instantly generate a trade for OmiseGO and other powerhouse ERC20 tokens. Above is a screenshot of an open trade from CYPT COIN to OmiseGO token. Complete your own trade today. Thank you for choosing CryptoLOOT coin.




Since it’s initial rollout, CYPT COIN has gone from a coin of negative value (meaning it costed more to transfer it in ether than the token was worth) to aggressively leveling off this month with a coin market cap valuation of $27,461 .62 USD as of 2/11/2018.


With the power of the Ethereum Blockchain, we can only predict a further rise in the token’s value. Other ERC-20 tokens are worth millions, so in comparison the CYPT COIN is on  an entirely separate bracket, but still a noteworthy token to keep an eye on in the near future.

You can publicly view any ERC-20 Ether TOKEN on http://www.Etherscan.io. Click tokens and type in the name of the token you are searching for. For example; “CYPT COIN”, or ” CryptoLOOT Coin”.

CYPT COIN to hit public trading platform?

There has been much talk about CYPT COIN and it’s revolutionary ability to change the crypto-mining industry all together, but what if this small coin hits a major public trading platform?

Sounds crazy right, well that is actually the next big step for CYPT COIN. From its unveiling, the coin has gained traction with the streamlined mining utility and payout systems. CYPT COIN may be seen very soon on an exchange you may or may not be frequenting already.

One site we can most honestly say you will not be seeing CYPT COIN on in the near future is https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/. The site charges Independent coins upwards of $20,000 USD to list on their trading platform. CYPT COIN and CryptoLOOT advisors urged that this would not be the best course of action for it’s platform or it’s customer base and following.

A possible listing contender may be https://hitbtc.com/, a trading platform that places ERC20 tokens amongst crypto giants list BTC, LTC, and more. The official documentation has been filed with HitBTC and we do await news from their office. Another popular and coveted platform we are awaiting notification from is https://m.poloniex.com/. The Poloniex platform would bring amazing height to the CYPT COIN project as a whole and could grant a possible further future for the coin.

exchange request

CryptoLOOT welcome everyone to lend their support during this time and stay posted for more news about CYPT COIN.

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A ton of people stand behind CYPT COIN and what it stands for, be part of the mining revolution and get CYPT coin now. 

If you buy even 1 of the first ever sold CYPT coins , until 100000, then you will forever be noted as a founding member. Be part of the future. Read more about CYPT coin and what it stands for at CYPTCOIN.cf.