CYPT COIN will hit Exchange market, price projected to Skyrocket

After tons of rejections from Cryptocurrency Exchanges since CYPT COIN’s inception, CYPT COIN has finally been listed on an Exchange platform! Now token holders of CYPT COIN can trade for other coins and tokens. This is such a huge accomplishment for the future of the CryptoLOOT coin that we can not contain our excitement!

trade token cypt coin

If you have not started collecting CYPT COIN, the time to begin is now. With a market valuation coming in this week at a current rate of above $27,000.00 USD, the future for CYPT COIN is looking up. Trade alongside of the million dollar priced tokens now easier than ever. is the trading platform currently trading CYPT COIN.

trade token cypt coin 3

You can trade with popular ERC20 tokens like AirToken, Kin, Enigma, and more. CryptoLOOT Coin is making waves in 2018. Trades will begin soon, and full use of the trading platform integration for CYPT COIN will be active by 3/1/2018.

trade token cypt coin 2

0X protocol trading platform uses MetaMask ether wallet integration. MetaMask is one of the approved wallet types for CYPT COIN so trading will be simple. Keep checking back for more news coming soon! This is an exciting time! Thank you all so much for making this possible, We can not thank you all enough!

You can instantly generate a trade for OmiseGO and other powerhouse ERC20 tokens. Above is a screenshot of an open trade from CYPT COIN to OmiseGO token. Complete your own trade today. Thank you for choosing CryptoLOOT coin.

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