Start from scratch with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at

Read below for information on starting bitcoin from scratch. The images below are logos for crypto currencies internationally accepted and recognized.


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Welcome to the home of and the home for learning bitcoin for the first time. Your destination for beginners of cryptocurrency collecting.

Getting started

If you are like most people, you are late in the Bitcoin game, lets face it, you could have got in when it was just pennies on the dollar to buy 1 BTC which is now worth upwards of $1700 each. Jeremy H CEO & legendary entrepreneur wants to share the wealth with you if you are curious in starting with crypto currencies. Here you will find free links to crypto faucets that allow you to claim free drippings of coin. You will also be able to locate reviews on services we have tried dealing with mining and trading. Welcome to

Want to earn bitcoin for free?

You can earn free bitcoin by trading other coin or collecting winnings from games and online lottery. You also earn money by keeping money in your wallet and letting the inflation grow like an investment over time. We open up the door and can help if you want to learn about Bitcoin and what it can do for you? Stick around.

Step by Step guide for people NEW to Bitcoin and others

  1. STEP 1 The first step is creating a Bitcoin wallet, they are free to create and you can make one by clicking the link above to make a free wallet.
  2. STEP 2 Play games online to earn coin, play the lottery online, or use free faucets to add coin. You may also purchase BTC, LTC, DOGE, and more to add to your wallet.
  3. Step 3 Trade, save, and add more to your portfolio.
  4. Step 4 That is all, have fun.   Use your computer to mine? Red below.

Use your computer to browser mine.

You can use your computer, phone, tablet, or laptop, or friends computer to mine and obtain hash that is accepted to earn your BTC for free. Click Here to get started now browser mining.

Learn more about mining from the pros at by clicking here

Browser mining is a slower but easy and risk free way of earning free coin direct to your wallet. Find out more on mining on other posts. Just search mining on any page of this site.

This picture below is a screenshot from my tablet mining Bitcoin.


Cloud Mine with us now and share the hash potential for free.

Mine today. See how much you can earn with your computers power.  Click Here


Other Bitcoin Competitors

DOGE Coin is another Crypto currency on the rise, get in now and watch your portfolio grow. Read more about DOGE Coin

Now claim FREE doge from a free to claim faucet that gives free DOGE, click here.

Free dogecoin faucet


The image above contains an official DOGE coin logo.

Now What?

After you have your wallet address you can earn free bitcoin online by mining. After you obtain some coin you can gamble and trade it for more. Others save it for the price to inflate. Get started today and get earning.

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blooming Learn to earn. Bitcoin Basics.


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